Cage Warriors 68: Wallhead vs. Roberts Preview


Saturday 3rd May
Echo Area, Liverpool

Simply put, this is most likely going to be the best & biggest single UKMMA card of the year (discounting CWFC’s teased Super Saturday dual card…)

That’s not hyperbole, just look at the fights!

The headliner sees CWFC veteran ‘Judo’ Jim Wallhead (25-8) return after a spell alternating between Bellator and BAMMA and is indisputably one of England’s top welterweights not contracted to the UFC, while across the cage we have in-form hometown boy Danny ‘Hot Chocolate’ Roberts (10-1) who is riding a four fight win streak.

Both men are in clear contention for the Welterweight belt now held by Nicolas Dalby and should provide a heated and competitive climax to the evening’s fights.

Experience is clearly on Wallhead’s side, but Roberts has the greater momentum and such advantage as comes from fighting with the crowd in your corner.

With both fighters being finishers (72% for Wallhead, 80% for Roberts) capable of ending a fight on the feet and each in possession of some excellent grappling skills this is sure to be a great fight to watch.

Backing up that main event we have exciting and accomplished English fighters Ronnie Mann (23-6-1) and Matt Inman (13-5) facing international opposition in Marcelo Costa (8-2-1) and Mauro Chimento Jr (15-10) respectively.

Not enough? OK, how about a middleweight contest between ex-UFC fighter Che Mills (15-7) and the popular Leeroy Barnes (12-13, 1NC) both looking to break losing streaks?

The undercard also features Dinky Ninja’s John Cullen (17-8-2) and Dean Reilly*(6-5) so we’ve got more than a little local interest in the event as well.

*Sadly Dean’s match was cancelled due to his opponent pulling out due to injury. 😦

It’s a cracking card and we can’t wait for Saturday.

Viewing Details:

LIVE STREAMING | USA and Canada only | Ireland only
Viaplay | Scandinavia only | Rest of the world


Premier Sports | United Kingdom
Setanta Sports 1 | Ireland
TV 10 | Sweden
Fight Now TV | USA
The Fight Network | Canada, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Middle East
Fight Klub | Poland
Setanta Action | Africa
ESPN | Caribbean, Latin America, Pacific Rim

MAIN CARD | 9pm BST local time (4pm ET, 1pm PT)

Danny Roberts vs. Jimmy Wallhead
Marcelo Costa vs. Ronnie Mann
Mauro Chimento vs. Matt Inman
Steve Dinsdale vs. Matt Hallam
Leeroy Barnes vs. Che Mills
John Cullen vs. Dean Garnett

FACEBOOK PRELIMS | 7.50pm BST local time (2.50pm ET/11.50am PT)

Conrad Hayes vs. Paddy Pimblett
Dez Parker vs. Charlie Watts
Ant Phillips vs. Adam Ventre

UNAIRED PRELIM | 7.30pm BST local time

Ellis Hampson vs. Azi Thomas


UKMMA Showdown, BAMMA 13 vs. Cage Warriors 59

Ok, so BAMMA and Cage Warriors are chalk & cheese in terms of business model and the way they present the sport, but the fact remains that they are the two biggest names in UKMMA. This weekend, they’re both running events on the same night, with a hefty SIX titles on the line.

With that in mind, we thought we’d keep the previews for each card short and ask you, the discerning MMA public which event you were most excited for?

Cage Warriors 59
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales

Returning to Wales with a stacked card, on the back of a run of successful events from such disparate locations as Dublin, London, Chechnya & Dubai, Cage Warriors are serving up a title tournament as well as a title defence in one of their most competitive and entertaining divisions.

With fight finisher Jim ‘the Beast’ Alers (10-1) making his first defence of his Featherweight title against giant Swede, Martin Svensson (12-3), Kris Edwards (8-5), James Pennington (8-1), David Haggstrom (7-1-1) and Brett Johns (6-0) contesting a one night tournament to crown a new Bantamweight champion, allied to a tasty Middleweight bout between Mats Nilsson (10-2-1) and Denniston Sutherland (20-11) it’s a card showcasing some of Europe, and indeed in the case of Alers, the WORLD’s best fighters.

For our part, we are very much on Team Alers for the Featherweight title fight, partially because Jim gave us an interview before his title win and partially because he’s a genuinely entertaining fighter.

Svensson on the other hand, we don’t like so much because he complained like a bairn after Robert Whiteford punched his face in to win the Vision FC Featherweight title last year.

In the Bantamweight fight, Edwards and Johns are the home choices for the Welsh crowd, although it has to be said we really fancied Martin McDonough’s chances and while Edwards is a fitting replacement, we can’t see him beating Pennington.

For the other three, we can’t pick a winner, with Pennington a massive Bantamweight and a commanding presence, Haggstrom the most experienced and well rounded and Johns undefeated and as yet to display any weaknesses.

It doesn’t help that all four men have wins over our beloved Dinky Ninja Fight team in the recent past, but we forgive them…

It’s a great card, so tune in to Premier Sports (or the relevant online stream for your region, check for details) and check it out. Finishes, awesome fights and the usual top notch production & commentary are guaranteed…


From the NIA in Birmingham, once home to Saturday TV staple Gladiators (a show with similar aesthetics to BAMMA’s usual production), BAMMA provide their thirteenth show, marketing it as crowing three ‘World’ champions.

On the face of it, that’s a damn fine proposition and some of the names involved, particularly ‘Judo’ Jim Wallhead, Colin Fletcher & Max Nunes are definitely worth your attention.

However the matchmaking is a little dubious by my estimation. In the main event, Max ‘Power’ Nunes (11-0) is easily one of the most exciting Light Heavyweight prospects in Europe and is an excellent choice to compete for a title belt and while his opponent Jason ‘the Villain’ Jones (19-10) has the edge in experience and is certainly an exciting fighter (21 of 29 fights ending in some form of stoppage) I find it hard to take him seriously as a title contender, seeing as he’s coming off a first round KO loss to Poland’s Maciej Browarski.

The co-main event sees BAMMA staple, Jim Wallhead (24-7) competing for the Newly minted Welterweight belt on a compelling 3-0 win streak under the BAMMA banner (less impressive is the fact that its only a 1-0 streak if you add his Bellator loss to Lyman Good into the equation.)

His opponent is ‘Fast’ Eddy Ellis (18-15-1) who is riding a six fight win streak, but is (like Jones) making his BAMMA debut and hasn’t fought since 2011.


Reigning Londsdale British Lightweight champion Curt Warburton (12-3) gets the chance to upgrade to a ‘World’ title against Tunisia’s Mansour Barnaoui (9-2), a fighter who is making his BAMMA debut and boasts five of his wins in only two nights (tournaments held by France’s 100% Fight.)

The main card is rounded off by UFC & TUF alum Colin ‘Dr Freakshow’ Fletcher (8-3) looking to arrest his 0-2 slide from his Zuffa tenure against Tim Newman (10-3) who just happens to be one of Britian’s best Lightweights and presents a clear threat to his more well known opponent.

The preliminary card is pretty stacked, featuring another ‘World’ title fight, this time at Middleweight, between unbeaten Scott Askham and Jorge Luis Bezerra and UKMMA notables like Jack Marshman, Ali Arish, Wayne Murrie.

The show will be live on 5* in the UK with a selection of international streams available for folks around the world.


OK, I’ll probably watch both at the same time but its worth asking the question – which would you watch if you had to choose?

In my eyes, both cards have their advantages, which I will break down thus…


BAMMA win this, as the spread of the respective online streams is about equal internationally but their UK offering is on a free to air channel, while you need a subscription to watch Cage Warriors on Premier Sport.

Big Names

For me, this is about even as I’m plenty excited by the prospect of watching Jim Alers and the Bantamweight tournament, but if I’m honest BAMMA have the edge objectively with hot prospect Nunes, Bellator vet Wallhead and former TUF contestants Fletcher & Warburton.


Cage Warriors win this big time. While I might not agree with Martin Svensson as a worthy title challenger, I appreciate that CW couldn’t get Graham Turner, Chris Fishgold or Martin Buschkamp (my choices for the shot) in the timeframe, so they had to find someone. Similarly, Kris Edwards wouldn’t have been my pick for the 135 tourney, but he’s a late replacement and steps in for his teammate, Martin McDonough who was VERY deserving of his inclusion.

BAMMA on the other hand have decided to create FOUR world titles from scratch and seem to have done so in such a way as to best accommodate guaranteed ‘home wins’ rather than paying any heed to competitive or promotional credibility. Without intending disrespect to their opponents, if Nunes, Wallhead, Warburton and Askham aren’t all world champs on Sunday morning, I’ll be VERY surprised.

If BAMMA had booked something like Marshman vs. Askham and Warburton vs. Newman I’d be much happier…

Admittedly, Jones is ranked 29 spots above Nunes on FightMatrix, so I can’t complain there too much (but coming off a win helps… ) but Wallhead is facing an entirely unbanked fighter, when there is a UK fighter in his weight class, on a chunky win streak and coming off a win over Jack Mason already on the card?

Wallhead vs. Ali Arish would have been a lot more interesting, in my eyes…


Cage Warriors win this as well. BAMMA tend to the tacky, while Cage Warriors keep it classy, and the commentary team of Josh Palmer and John Gooden (or Frank Trigg, when he stands in) are in my view, the best in the business.

Quality of Fights (not the same as name value or competitive matchmaking)

I think Cage Warriors win this as well – I literally cannot wait to see Alers vs. Svensson, (especially as a submission battle) and Haggstrom vs. Johns (experience vs. mimentum) while I’m not entirely wetting myself at the prospect of any of the BAMMA fights, largely because of the lopsided matchmaking and I’ve not been given any reason on previous BAMMA shows to give the slightest fuck about Jones, Ellis etc.

That makes it 48-47 to Cage Warriors on my card, but you’re welcome to disagree.

It’s a massive night for UKMMA, and I hope that like me, you’ll watch both cards.

Also, for the Swedish MMA fight fans out there – you could have THREE world champions on Sunday morning. Perfect warm up to Alex Gustafsson’s fight next week, eh?

Lucky 13

It was announced on Wednesday that BAMMA will make their long awaited return with their thirteenth show, this time at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena on September 14th, with the card set to be headlined by Max Nunes facing Jason Jones to crown a new Light Heavyweight champion with veteran Jim Wallhead defending his Welterweight title against Eddie Ellis in the co-main event.

As a fan of UKMMA, I’m pretty excited about this, as any show announcement, especially one featuring such exciting and beloved talent as ‘Judo’ Jimmy or Nunes is a GOOD THING.


…I actually half didn’t expect to see BAMMA back at all.

They’ve been very quiet since their last show, which shared the glory of being the first MMA event to air (almost) live on terrestrial television in the UK with the ignominy of having several very compelling and competitive MMA bouts playing second fiddle to a bout between two fighters with mediocre records, simply on account that one of them is a reality TV ‘star’.

Im not naive enough to imagine that the two facts are unrelated, but I couldn’t help feeling that BAMMA 12 was a missed opportunity. I mean, how can you promote other fighters if we barely see them on the broadcast?

Add to that is the fact that they’ve lost a sizeable chunk of their regular roster, with Lightweight champion Rob Sinclair signed by Bellator and most of their marketable UK stars including Tom Breese, Steven Ray, Leeroy Barnes and Warren Kee defecting to Cage Warriors.

All of the above, combined with the sense that their business model is untenable – hiring the likes of the NIA or Wembley Arena and CLEARLY not filling them is an expensive business – has lead to a sense that BAMMA are a company who’s ideas are far and ahead of their means, doing everything they can to seem like a big deal, but coming across as a bit shrill and desperate in the process.

I hate typing that, because believe me, I want… I ACHE for BAMMA to be successful. There is nothing more beneficial to any industry or sport than competition

BAMMA’s progress in making relationships with mainstream media like Channel 5 is impressive, their concept of initiating British titles underneath their top belts to help promote British talent is inspired and quite simply all of UKMMA is better off with two vibrant, credible, competing top shows, rather than one making all the running while the one behind sets of firecrackers looking for attention.

I know this wont go down well with anyone at BAMMA Towers, but in my view, they need to look at Cage Warriors. They need to cut their cloth accordingly, and concentrate more on making each show their best from a sporting point of view, rather than their biggest from a showbiz point of view.

There is room, indeed a need for promotions of all kinds, of different emphasis and style in mixed martial arts, but in order to succeed as a credible top line operation there are some constant factors.

Regular shows, with a high quality of in ring action. Credible and competitive matchmaking, professional production and presentation aesthetics. A tiny amount of realism in your own perception of your place in the game.

BAMMA’s commitment and ambition does them credit, and I don’t want any involved to think I’m having a go – I’ve just seen too many MMA promotions, indeed sporting entities and promotional projects of every hue overstep themselves and fall, never to recover.

I’m excited for BAMMA 13, I really am, with two very compelling bouts already announced and surely more to come (a big fight for BAMMA favourite Jack Marshman, perhaps against the Dinky Ninjas own Allan Love maybe?) but I’d be remiss if I didn’t give air to some of my concerns about the promotion.

I’ll watch the show, however it ends up being available and I’d urge you to do the same thing. The future of UKMMA is as much in the hands of the fans as it is the promotions…

BAMMA 12: Wallhead vs. Veach Recap

It sure was nice to watch some quality UKMMA on my TV at a reasonable hour for once.

Receiving news that Dinky Ninja James MacAlister won his match on the undercard was music to our ears, and when the main card opened up on 5* we got some great action out the gate from Ryan Scope and Luke Newman with Scope picking up the impressive submission win with a sweet triangle in the first round.

My personal most anticipated bout of the evening was Scot, Steven Ray defending his British Lightweight title against Curt Warburton. In a real back and forth contest, Warburton took the first and third rounds with takedowns and ground & pound, while Ray dominated the middle frame from bell to bell and was so very close to a submission on multiple occasions.

All three judges saw it 29-28 to Warburton, but I’ve seen more than a few folks give the second to Ray as a 10-8, and even giving Ray the third. As biased as I am, I had it as 29-28 to Warburton with an outside chance of the 28-28 draw. I also cant help thinking that had it been a five round fight, as you might expect from a title contest, the result could have been different…

Ray will be back, believe that…

The co-main event was expected to feature a blink and you’ll miss it KO finish one way or another between two heavy handed Light Heavyweights, but it turned out that Max Nunes and Marcin Lazarz cancelled each other out, despite going toe to toe almost for the duration. In the end, Nunes showed his quality and secured the TKO3 to confirm his status as one of the most feared 205lbers in Europe.

The main event saw recent BAMMA and former Bellator stalwart Jim Wallhead facing UFC vet Matt Veach in what looked like a bit of a mismatch from the weigh ins. Given that Wallhead has fought and won at Middleweight and Veach washed out of the UFC as a lightweight there was a marked size difference come fight night and this played out in the cage with Wallhead dominating and progressing without ceremony to an academic rear naked choke for the win in the first round.

I’d love to see Wallhead against a top notch international welterweight or a European talent on a real run, someone like Ryan Scope or Tom Breese…

As ever, BAMMA presented a compelling mix of up and coming and veteran talent, with the regular caveat that the main event booking seemed like a bit of a gimme for the name, drawing British talent (not the case last time out with Marshman vs. Foupa-Pokam, mind) and the presentation, for all it’s bells and whistles still seemed a bit… tacky.

I love what BAMMA present in the cage, and while I was pleasantly surprised by Ken Shamrock’s contribution as an analyst their commentary and production continues to make them seem a little bit second rate, desperately trying to seem first rate but concentrating on the wrong things.

For me anyway, but I’m just an opinionated idealist with a net connection…

In any case, top show, great to see UKMMA on free to view TV and I await news of BAMMA 13 with baited breath.

Main Card
Jim Wallhead def. Matt Veach via Submission (RNC) Round 1 3:05
Max Nunes def. Marcin Lazarz via TKO (Referee Stoppage) Round 3 3:12
Curt Warburton def. Steven Ray via UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) to win the Lonsdale British Lightweight Title
Ryan Scope def. Luke Newman via Submission (Triangle) Round 1 4:00

Preliminary Card
Scott Askham def. Harry McLeman via Submission (RNC) Round 3 4:13
Leeroy Barnes def. Steve Watson via Submission (Guillotine) Round 1 0:47
Thomas Denham def. Brett McDermott via Submission (RNC) Round 2 3:58
Mahmood Bedharate def. Steven Gardener via UD (29-28 x3)
James MacAlister def. Steven McCombe via Submission (RNC) Round 2 3:08


Saturday, March 9, 2013
Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, England

One of the country’s most prestigious promotions open their account for 2013 with a fantastic card showcasing some of the best of young British talent along with some more experienced warhorses and international veterans. What’s even better is that the top four matches will be shown live on 5*, which while not quite a classic terrestrial channel is free to view for anyone with a digital box in the UK which is pretty much everybody.

The main event sees one of Britain’s most experienced and proficient mixed martial artists, “Judo” Jim Wallhead (23-7) looking to continue his good recent form in the promotion following wins over Joey Villasenor and Frank Trigg and regain some momentum following another narrow loss in Bellator.

Across the cage, UFC veteran Matt Veach (16-4) provides the opposition, coming in with some good momentum following a first round KO victory over Zac Kelley in the main event of C3 – Rumble at Red Rock back in August.

Wallhead’s home form has been impressive for some time, as he’s undefeated in the UK since a submission loss to Dennis Siver in 2006. It’s also worth noting that all of Veach’s losses have come by submission, which doesn’t bode we’ll coming into an away bout against a noted Judoka with nine submission victories.

The co-main event sees a pair of undefeated Light Heavyweights facing off in what looks to be a hard hitting affair between Max ‘Power’ Nunes (9-0) and Marcin Lazarz (5-0). As much as its hard to get a bead on two undefeated guys, Nunes is highly regarded as one of the premier up & coming 205lbers in Europe and his TKO win over Kevin Thompson at BAMMA 11 was a thing to behold.

My favourite bout of the event has to be Dinky Ninja, Steven “Braveheart” Ray (12-3) defending his Lonsdale British Lightweight Title against UFC veteran Curt Warburton (11-3). Both are well rounded fighters, more than willing and capable of engaging in a war, but both have shown a certain susceptibility to being submitted…

With ten finishes out of eleven fights between them, the lightweight clash between undefeated paid Luke Newman (5-0) and Ryan Scope (6-0) promises to be explosive, especially if Newman should find himself in new territory with the bout going to the second round.

The last bout I want to talk about is another contest between hard hitting light heavyweights as undefeated Scott Askham (9-0) looks to capitalise on his impressive decision victory over Denniston Sutherland at Cage Warriors 50 by adding to the recent woes of Kevin Thompson (13-6) who finds himself in a 1-3 slide with losses to fast rising Max Nunes and Linton Vassell and former UFC champion Ricco Rodriguez.

As I said at the top, the main bouts will be broadcast live on 5* and a variety of international outlets. If you need information for where you are or are in the North East and fancy grabbing a late ticket, please check for more information.

Jim Wallhead vs. Matt Veach
Max Nunes vs. Marcin Lazarz
Steven Ray vs. Curt Warburton – for the BAMMA Lonsdale British Lightweight Title
Luke Newman vs. Ryan Scope
Kevin Thompson vs. Scott Askham
James Macalister vs. Dawid Farycki
Lee Barnes vs. Steve Watson
Richie Knox vs. Thomas Denham
Paul McBride vs. Darren Wardle
Craig Robertson vs. Luke Harriman
Mahmood Besharate vs. Steven Gardener
Jefferson George vs. Steve Martin
Anas Siraj Mounir vs. John Jackson

UKMMA One Week Warning

In one week, we’ll have one of the biggest weekends EVER for Mixed Martial Arts in the UK as three of our top promotions host events on the same Saturday night.

With BAMMA 12 in Newcastle being shown live on 5*, Cage Warriors 51 from London being streamed live on and Shock n Awe 13 going down in Portsmouth, it’s a testament to the increasing breadth and depth of support for MMA in Britain that three such events can be scheduled on the same weekend, and that two of them will be beamed live to international television audiences.

Combine that with the ongoing SAFE MMA endeavour to add safety and credibility to MMA in this country and its a tremendously exciting time.

We’ll have full and in depth previews of all three shows and a super special interview with one of the featured fighters for you over the next week, but we thought it was important, as we get ready to settle in and watch UFC Japan in the wee small hours to remind everyone that we have some top notch, home grown MMA action viewable at a civilised hour next weekend. What’s not to love?

Next Saturday Ill be sitting with BAMMA on the TV, Cage Warriors on the laptop and waiting on Twitter updates from Shock N Awe, and doing my best to provide some live coverage, while enjoying the relative novelty of fights I don’t have to set alarm for.

What we want to know, is which event are you attending, or most interested in watching?

Which fight attracts your attention the most – is it Jim Wallhead vs. UFC vet Matt Veach or Steven Ray defending his British Lightweight title against Curt Warburton at BAMMA?
Is it Cathal Pendred challenging Gael Grimaud for the World Welterweight title, or Graham Turner facing Fouad Mesdari at Cage Warriors?
Is it Jay Furness vs. Phil Else for the British Featherweight strap or the other two title title matches at Shock n Awe?
Let us know, because while we’re committed to covering UKMMA as a whole, if we know what YOU are excited about, then we can cover it in greater depth.

Awesome times for our sport. I love it.

Main Event Announced for BAMMA 12

BAMMA today announced a Welterweight clash between ’Judo’ Jimmy Wallhead and Matt Veach as the headlining bout for BAMMA 12 , which takes place at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena on Saturday 9th March 2013. Tickets go on sale at 9am, on Monday 4th February.

“ Judo” Jimmy Wallhead (23-7-0) stands among the cream of UK fighters, often avoided due to his dangerous reputation and was long over-looked. After being turned down for The “Ultimate Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom” in 2008 on the grounds of being ‘too experienced’; another potential break for Wallhead in Bellator’s 2010 Welterweight Contender Tournament was thwarted by the Eyjafjallajökull eruptions that rendered Wallhead unable to travel for the contest. With his short-notice defeat of MMA legend Frank Trigg at BAMMA 7, Wallhead’s star finally began to rise in the UK; though with a hefty record that included a string of first round victories at both Welterweight and Middleweight, Judo Jimmy had been proving his worth for a long time on the domestic scene. BAMMA 8 saw Wallhead return to demolish Joey Villasenor with flying knees and a spectacular KO finish. Judo Jimmy fought just once in 2012 at Bellator, which unfolded in a unanimous decision loss to Lyman Good. Looking to be considerably more active in 2012 at BAMMA, Jimmy Wallhead has signed up to a multi-fight deal.

Renowned for his “Fight of the Night” performance against former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar, UFC veteran Matt Veach walks into the BAMMA cage with a professional record of 16-4-0. Hailing from Illinois in the United States, Veech comes from a Wrestling background and competed for 12 years to become a high school state placer, JuCo All-American and a D-1 NCAA qualifier. Veach’s last outing against a Brit was against Paul Kelly at UFC 112 to whom he lost to a Guillotine Choke, leading to his release from the promotion. He continues to train with Matt Hughes and Robbie Lawler at The HIT Squad, and went on to notch up a spate of wins before fighting with Canadian promotion, MFC. The majority of Veach’s victories have come via Submission. Veach steps up from Lightweight to Welterweight for BAMMA 12.

Jimmy Wallhead said:

“I feel Matt Veach is a strong opponent with a strong game, especially his takedown game, so I’m looking forward to the fight. He also has good experience fighting in the UFC so the fight excites me. As for being back on BAMMA, I’m buzzing! It’s where I belong and where I’ve wanted to fight again for a long time. I just can’t wait to get back in there and put on another exciting fight for the fans and can’t wait to hear the crowd get behind me fighting back on UK soil.”

BAMMA’s Managing Director, Ashley Bothwell, said:

“Arguably the UK’s number 1 Welterweight, Jimmy Wallhead has been on the edge of greatness for the past few years, with recent career highlights on BAMMA shows. We’re looking forward to see him continue on that roll of thrilling fights and are proud to welcome Judo Jimmy to our roster. We’re also excited to have an experienced, international name such as Matt Veach coming to BAMMA and he will pose a serious threat to Jimmy. We like to showcase fighters who take tough challenges and bring the fight. This match-up is going to be a fierce clash between two very experienced and highly skilled athletes, in which both will be pushed to their absolute limits.”

BAMMA also announced a Welterweight preliminary bout for the show between Luke Newman and Ryan Scope.

Luke ‘Nukem’ Newman trains out of Team Titan and American Top Team, and is flying out to the United States today to start his fight camp for BAMMA 12. Newman’s record sees him undefeated at 5-0-0, with 5 first round victories to his name, three by TKO and two by Rear-Naked Choke. His last professional outing saw him beat Lee Caers at UCMMA, before competing in The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes to lose against Robert Whittaker.

Sunderland’s Ryan ‘Big Baby’ Scope also stands undefeated with a record of 6-0-0, with two wins via TKO (Punches), three by Rear-Naked Choke and one by Decision. Scope has studied Martial Arts since the age of 5 through boxing, kick boxing, judo and wrestling and took part in his first competition in 2005. Competing in his first MMA fight at 17, Scope also boasts an Amateur record of 8-2-0. Currently training with UFC fighters, Colin ‘The Freakshow’ Fletcher, Phil De fries and Ross ‘The Real Deal’ Pearson, Scope is a regular at the Alliance Training Center in San Diego: He is touted as one of the UK’s most talented up and coming fighters to watch.

BAMMA 12 will feature on Channel 5 and 5* in the UK; and will be televised on AXS-TV in the US, The Fight Network in Canada, Red Media in Russia, TV Esporte Interativo in Brazil and Setanta in Africa.

Full BAMMA 12 card so far

Jim Wallhead vs. Matt Veach
Steven Ray vs. Curt Warburton – for BAMMA Lonsdale British Lightweight Title
Bola Omoyele vs. Wayne Murrie


Luke Newman vs. Ryan Scope

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