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This blog is the outlet for our attempts to promote mixed martial arts and jiujitsu by writing about them as honestly and passionately as possible.

We chose the name Kumite as the phrase translates from Japanese as meaning ‘sparring’ which we thought reflected our writing style quite aptly.

At the start we also considered the unwieldy title of ‘Life is a Contact Sport’ reflecting our belief that the principles that make contact sports such a compelling pastime can be applied to the whole of your life, as life is all about making contact with others, improving yourself and overcoming adversity.

This blog is a not for profit endeavour, entirely conducted in our spare time and funded solely by ourselves.  One day that might change, but for now we couldn’t be more proud of just being some fans, trying to do the sport some good from behind our keyboards.

Thanks for reading.

Ross Stevenson & Chris Napier

Contact Details 

e-mail: kumite@outlook.com
Twitter: @TeamKumite
Facebook: /TeamKumite



3 thoughts on “About / Contact

  1. Hello, I came across your blog when I found your Rousey article. I also read the one about Cyborg signing. Very good writing. Would you ever consider writing for another sports blog? We’d love to have your MMA stuff over at intheneutralzone.com. We get over 100,000 hits per month and growing so it would be a good way to gain exposure for your blog as well. If you are interested let us know at intheneutralzone@yahoo.com

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