Post Schedule


SundaysThe Good, the Bad, the Ugly 
Breaking down our main card of the weekend.

Wednesdays Plus One Previews
Previewing the upcoming weekend’s most interesting card, concentrating on the main event, plus one supporting match which we’ve got the most to say about it.

SaturdaysMonthly Featured Articles
A repeating cycle of articles on the following schedule.

1st SaturdayThe Quest
Without being overly self effacing, we both started this blog in overweight, unfit places – theres a reason we’re writing, not fighting! In any case, we are both trying to chance this and our adventures in losing weight, learning about diet, working out, training etc. will be reflected here.

2nd SaturdayEverything Zen
Martial arts has always been associated with philosophy and we think that is kind of interesting.

3rd SaturdayContact
Martial arts isn’t everything, and we feel our passions for other things in life should bleed into the page, so once a month, we’ll talk about things like that here.

Last SaturdayEuropean MMA Rankings
Based on the Fight Matrix rankings, we add a little personal prejudice to reflect our picture of the best, most exciting and most successful fighters from Europe right now.

We will also continue to seek out interviews and doubtless we’ll have opinion pieces to add as well.


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