UKMMA One Week Warning

In one week, we’ll have one of the biggest weekends EVER for Mixed Martial Arts in the UK as three of our top promotions host events on the same Saturday night.

With BAMMA 12 in Newcastle being shown live on 5*, Cage Warriors 51 from London being streamed live on and Shock n Awe 13 going down in Portsmouth, it’s a testament to the increasing breadth and depth of support for MMA in Britain that three such events can be scheduled on the same weekend, and that two of them will be beamed live to international television audiences.

Combine that with the ongoing SAFE MMA endeavour to add safety and credibility to MMA in this country and its a tremendously exciting time.

We’ll have full and in depth previews of all three shows and a super special interview with one of the featured fighters for you over the next week, but we thought it was important, as we get ready to settle in and watch UFC Japan in the wee small hours to remind everyone that we have some top notch, home grown MMA action viewable at a civilised hour next weekend. What’s not to love?

Next Saturday Ill be sitting with BAMMA on the TV, Cage Warriors on the laptop and waiting on Twitter updates from Shock N Awe, and doing my best to provide some live coverage, while enjoying the relative novelty of fights I don’t have to set alarm for.

What we want to know, is which event are you attending, or most interested in watching?

Which fight attracts your attention the most – is it Jim Wallhead vs. UFC vet Matt Veach or Steven Ray defending his British Lightweight title against Curt Warburton at BAMMA?
Is it Cathal Pendred challenging Gael Grimaud for the World Welterweight title, or Graham Turner facing Fouad Mesdari at Cage Warriors?
Is it Jay Furness vs. Phil Else for the British Featherweight strap or the other two title title matches at Shock n Awe?
Let us know, because while we’re committed to covering UKMMA as a whole, if we know what YOU are excited about, then we can cover it in greater depth.

Awesome times for our sport. I love it.


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