You’ll have noticed I’ve barely posted throughout May despite there being a lot to talk about, and that’s because my wife was due to give birth, which she did last week to my beautiful son, Ruaridh.

A week in and things are starting to settle down, but the reality of not having quite (even close to nearly) as much time to do some of the things I used to is settling in. Between prioritising work, caring for baby and his mum, I really have to pick and choose what I’m going to spend my remaining free time doing…

…and trying to provide constant content for my MMA blog just doesn’t come that high up the list.

Past my sensible daddy responsibilities, it’s far more important that I use my time to get fit and healthy, to do the things which have always been my passion and serve to relieve my stress – playing music and writing fiction – and perhaps to try and make serious headway with making a living from one of these.

So, content on KUMITE is going to be a lot less regular and sporadic from now on, basically coming whenever something sufficiently moves me in the world of MMA (it’s not like I’ll stop watching) and coincides with the free time required to write it down here. I still love the sport, but with reliably regular content out the window better to just embrace the ‘just for fun’ nature of the page.

We’ve always said that life is a contact sport and at this time I am more in contact with life than I have been in many years. My time now belongs to my child and my wife, with the remainder spent attempting to get some rolling, writing and riffing done for fun and sheer tranquility.

There is more in life than a wee wordpress blog.