‘mon the Hammer!

Mjolnir_TDW_Concept_ArtSometimes, we like to let our journalistic objectivity slide and indulge in thinking about and watching MMA as nothing more than fans.

Saturday is going to be one of those occassions, largely because Robert ‘the Hammer’ Whiteford makes his sophomore UFC appearance in search of his (and Scotland’s) first Octagon victory.

I could wax lyrical for a few hundred words about Rob’s attributes and ability to lay a hurting on his opponent but with my neutrality and perspective already in question (and not having any bad feeling towards Daniel Pineda, who just so happens to be the guy in the way) I will simply say that he’s better than his previous UFC showing indicates and a full camp, proper diet and time to correctly prepare for his opponent should see a wholly different animal enter the cage in Dallas.

C’mon Rab, the whole of Scotland is supporting you and shouting you on, from the dedicated few who’ve travelled to Dallas, to those of us who’ll be watching from the homeland.

Get intae him!

Robert’s fight opens the preliminary card at UFC 171, showing in UK via UFC Fight Pass, starting at 10.pm GMT (only a 4 hour difference from Eastern US time as they started Daylight Savings time last week.)


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