Split Decision – Alexis Davis vs. Jessica Eye – UFC 170


Whenever there’s a contentious or split decision on a UFC card, I’m going to break it down (well, one per card at least) by re watching the fight in the cold light of the next day and also looking at the FightMetric stats to see what the cold numbers indicate.

Not the most controversial effort to start with, but here goes with the preliminary headliner between Alexis Davis and Jessica Eye, which received a split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) from the judges with no two judges agreeing on who won which rounds…

Round One –

Re-Watch – Pretty even for the first half of the round, with Eye seeming the more aggressive, landing harder and with more frequency. Davis comes back in the second half and both girls have periods in control against the cage. Davis scores a takedown with about 30 seconds to go and ends the round elbowing Eye in he head.

Score – leaning 10-9 to Eye until the takedown, would score a draw by preference, probably 10-9 Davis to to the judges.

Stats – Davis out scored Eye by 16 significant strikes to 13 and 36 total strikes to 27, landing a higher percentage and a takedown.
10-9 Davis.

Round Two

Re-Watch – Davis starts the more aggressive with Eye circling intelligently until Davis scores a takedown and ends up in half guard. Davis stays solidly on top and starts working for a kimura, all the while peppering Eye with shots. Eye tries to escape but Davis is heavy and ends the round part in half guard, partway to taking Eye’s back

Score – 10-9 Davis, all day.

Stats – Eye landed more significant strikes by 7 to 6 and while landing with a higher percentage of her strikes thrown the fact that Davis handed 44 total strikes to 15, along with the takedown gives her the round.

Round Three –

Re-Watch – Cat & mouse on the feet with both girls landing some. Nice blows landed by both but the exchange settles into Eye circling and trying to get in from the outside with Davis scoring with jabs before Eye stuffs a takedown. The action picks up towards the end but without a significant advantage either way.

Score – Again, I’d probably score this a draw but if pushed, I’d go for Alexis Davis as it seemed she landed more often.

Stats – Alexis landed more strikes, more significant strikes and a higher percentage of striker thrown in this round and as such should get a 10-9.

Verdict –

On re watching, the first round is up in the air and the third is either a draw or a narrow win for Davis, while the second was all Alexis. That gives me a range of acceptable scores anything from a 29-29 draw (with Eye taking the first and the third being drawn) to 30-27 (all three rounds to Davis.)

The stats indicate a clear three round victory for Davis however.

In balance, I can’t really see where any judge scored that for Jessica Eye who was beaten by a larger and better rounded opponent on the night.


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