Cage Warriors 2013 Awards – Get Your Votes In (For The Scots!)


Voting is now open in the 2013 Cage Warriors Fighting Championship awards and we’d ask you all to vote, not only because CWFC is Europe’s #1 promotion but because stacks of Scots are on the list.

As a wholly impartial media source, we would in no way urge you to vote for Dean Reilly or Joanne Calderwood for best KO, for James Doolan as best coach, for Stevie Ray as Breakthrough Fighter of the year or for his part in the match of the year against Ivan Buchinger or the Dinky Ninjas as Best Team because that would be unprofessional.

In fairness, it’s a stunning field of contenders with plenty deserving winners.  If you’re not persuaded by our subtle push towards rabid pro-Scottish voting, you could do worse than vote Jim Alers for fighter of the year, Martin Buschkamp vs. Matteus Lahdesmaki as Fight of the Year and Brett Johns or Sean Carter as Breathrough Fighter of the Year.

Or actually, pretty much anything that is nominated because the nominees are wall to wall awesome, which is a testament to all involved in Cage Warriors and reinforces the promotion’s status as one of the world’s top promotions.

Make your votes known here and if you need a refresher, Cage Warriors have kindly posted all of 2013’s fights on their YouTube channel, so check them out and while you’re there, subscribe as well, just to make them feel appreciated.


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