Superior Challenge 9

Following on from this weeks enthusiasm for Cage Warriors’ entry into Scandinavian MMA, I thought it’s only fair to talk a bit about the already well developed scene in that part of the world.

Serendipitously, this weekend sees the return of Superior Challenge – Sweden’s top promotion – following a year’s hiatus, with what is an absolutely cracking card.

Featuring living MMA legend Jen’s ‘Lil Evil’ Pulver in the main event against Swedish veteran Sami Aziz, as well as familiar faces from the UFC like the very talented (and IMHO cut too quickly) Besam Yousef and Anton Kuivanen, Cage Warriors veteran Diego Gonzales and a host of well travelled and box fresh fighters, it’s probably the biggest MMA card of the weekend, with the possible exception of Bellator’s effort on Friday.

It’s a top card, and we’d urge you to seek out videos from it wherever you can find them.

Superior Challenge 9 Fight Card

• Sami Aziz (Sweden) vs. Jens Pulver (USA)
• Danny Mitchell (Sweden) vs. Besam Yousef (Sweden)
• Diego Gonzalez (Sweden) vs. Anton Kuivanen (Finland)
• Yosef Ali Mohammad (Sweden) vs. Duarte Fonseca (Portugal)
• David Glasnovic (Sweden) vs. Magnus Strandner (Sweden)
• Matti Mäkelä (Sweden) vs. Matteo Minonzio (Italy)
• Emil Weber Meek (Norway) vs. Per Franklin (Sweden)
• Simon Sköld (Sweden) vs. Gomez Sariol (Spain)
• Michel Ersoy (Sweden) vs. Robin Gidlöv (Sweden)
• Martin Akhtar (Sweden) vs. Damien Pighiera (France)
• Linn Wennergren (Sweden) vs. Angelica Babbi (Italy)
• Martin Halvorsen (Sweden) vs. Dexter Dyall Wallin (Sweden)


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