UFC on FOX: Johnson vs. Moraga Results / Reaction (plus prediction update)


July 27, 2013
Seattle, Washington

Despite being one of the least anticipated cards in recent times due to a much undervalued main event, there was plenty to look forward to with this card and to a degree, it delivered…

A rash of split decision wins (here comes the judging debate again) on the undercard was broken by a job-saving KO by Melvin Guillard on Mac Danzig and Jorge Masvidal showing his experience to outshine hometown underdog Michael Chiesa and submit the submission artist.

One of those split decisions saw Ed Herman and Trevor Smith contest an absolute barnstormer that saw Herman walk away with the narrowest of victories.

The main card saw Jessica Andrade make her UFC debut against the already established Liz Carmouche and get roundly outclassed with Carmouche the more incisive striker, wrestler and not allowing Andrade to unleash her preferred grappling game, en route to a second round TKO stoppage by ground and pound which could probably have happened sooner with few complaints from the fans or Andrade.

There was no way that Robbie Lawler vs. Bobby Voleker was ending any way other than by knockout, and so it proved, as Lawler continued his career renaissance at welterweight with a clinical display ending with a head kick that floored Voelker, followed up with strikes to his dazed opponent on the ground for the finish.

The co-main event between Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger promises much as two of the top guys at 170lbs faced off in a bout which had become a little personal and promised

That’s fifteen minutes of my life that I won’t get back.

Rory used his reach to keep Ellenberger at the end of his jab and Jake didn’t switch things up, eat some shots to close to a more favourable distance or anything, until he forced a takedown far too late in the fight to make anything of it.

I’m gonna talk more about the mindsets of both guys and why neither is really conducive to success later in the week.

MacDonald has arguably dropped down the pecking order with the dull as dishwater win, with the likes of Robbie Lawler, the winner of Condit-Kampmann ahead of him in the queue for a title shot.

Ellenberger… really needs to knock someone the frack out in his next fight or title aspirations could become a very distant dream indeed.

The main event for the Flyweight title between Demetrious Johnson and the horribly underexposed or appreciated John Moraga was a cracke of pace and technical ability, although not as competitive as we might have hoped.

Moraga’s potent striking resulted in about one genuinely stinging shot to Johnson and clearly ahead 40-36 on the scorecards, having failed with a few submission attempts and scored 11 takedowns, Johnson tried again, going for a kimura, then twisting into a beautiful armbar for the submission victory with only 77 seconds left in the fight.

Imagine, a champion who is surely on course to retain his belt, extends himself to go for a finish when all he HAS to do is not get finished?  Bizarre.

‘Mighty Mouse’ is a class act and fast turning into a truly GREAT champion.

All in all a satisfying, yet not flawless event, and it’s a sad indictment of the way Flyweight is perceived by many that more column inches will likely be devoted to the MacDonald-Ellenberger farce, or Lawlor and Guillard’s knockouts…

Bonuses ($50k)

Fight of the Night – Ed Herman vs. Trevor Smith
KO of the Night – Melvin Guilard
Sub of the Night – Demetrious Johnson

Kumite Predictions League
(sub title – let’s all laugh at Chris)

Heres what we got right.

Iain – Masvidal, Lawler + manner of victory, Johnson = 18 pts
Chris – (not a damn thing) = 0 pts
Ross – Carmouche + manner of victory + round, Lawler + manner of victory + round, MacDonald + manner of victory, Johnson = 31 pts

A stunning card for Ross, leaves our running table after four events looking like this…

1- Ross = 91 pts
2- Iain = 87 pts
3- Chris = 46 pts

Happy birthday mate.  Next week, we’ll try a double event, covering Bellator 97: Chandler vs. Rickels and UFC 163: Aldo vs. Jung.






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