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OK, we’re back with our weekly predictions game for a card that’s seem some unfortunate changes in lineuo, but given that I dount think any of the changes have changed any of our predictions let’s push on.

As usual, we’ve picked five matches from the card and we’ll each predict the winner, manner of victory and round of victory, should we predicting a stoppage.

Paul Daley vs. Lukasz Chlewicki

Iain – Daley – KO1

Ross – Daley – KO 2

Chris – Chlewicki – UD

Yes, I know I’m developing a habit of picking the main events against the trend, but Chlewicki has never been knocked out, so he might surprise…

Ronnie Mann vs. Jose Luis Zapater

Iain – Mann – SUB3

Ross – Mann – UD

Chris -Mann – KO2

Danny Roberts vs. Henry Fadipe

Iain – Roberts – UD

Ross – Roberts – SUB1

Chris – Roberts – KO1

Jack Mason vs. Ali Arish

Iain – Mason – UD

Ross – Mason – SUB2

Chris – Mason – KO3

Leeroy Barnes vs. Norman Paraisy

Iain – Barnes – KO1

Ross – Paraisy – KO1

Chris – Paraisy – KO2

For a refresher, you get 5 points for picking the right winner, 3 points of you get their method of victory right and an extra win if you call the round of a stoppage, so theres a maximum of 45 points up for grabs.

After two weeks, the standing are like this, from a total of 90 available points…

1- Iain – 50 pts
2- Ross – 34 pts
3- Chris – 28 pts

Please let us know your predictions and play along at home, because frankly, we need all the help we can get…


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