Fight Songs – The Music of MMA

“Inter arma silence musae”

In times of war, the muses are silent. Fortunately, this just isn’t true as music and sports go together hand in hand, as the theme music to our favourite broadcasts, our favourite fighters walkout tunes etc. and our preferred workout playlists are all inextricably linked.

Think how much the themes from BBC1’s Formula One coverage, shows like Ski Sunday and Grandstand stick in the mind. Think how much songs like Saturday Superhouse by Biffy Clyro and Australia by the Manic Street Preachers became embedded in your mind when they were the theme music for Scotsport or Match of the Day.

MMA is no different.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the pageantry of MMA is important, the aesthetics of the walk out song are a crucial part of the live, or even televised experience and music plays an integral part

Can you imagine if there was no walk out song, that you’d never felt that shiver up your spine when the lights go down and ‘Sandstorm’ kicks in, telling you that Wanderlei Silva was on his way?

MMA is full of unfortunate stereotypes, from the third rate nu-metal many promotions use as their theme music to the way groups of fans seem joined more by aesthetics like their music taste or style of clothing than shared appreciation for fights.

For us, were all alternative music fans, with broad ranging tastes from black metal, to electronica of various shades and even (when done properly) vocal pop music.

That said, if pressed to self identify, all three of us would probably indicate a preference for things at the rockier end of the spectrum, flash a devilish smile and throw the horns. \m/

That’s just us though…

In any case, music is a huge part of my life and I thought it would be nice to celebrate the diversity of music in MMA by asking a bundle of our favourite fighters what sort of tunes rock their world and their choice of ultimate walk out song…

…and here’s what we got back.

Luke Barnatt (@LukeBarnatt)
England / UFC

My music is Led Z , Floyd, Sabbath that sort of thing.. but my walk out track is ‘Come Together’ by the Beatles. It’s for my dad.

Shayna Baszler (@QoSBaszler)
USA / Invicta FC (possibly on next series of The Ultimate Fighter)

Metal and ‘Raining Blood!!’ (Slayer)

John Dodson (@JohnDodsonMMA)
I love hip hop and my song of choice is Treal – ‘Swang on Everybody’.

Colin Fletcher (@dr_freakshow)
England / BAMMA

I love all music, to be honest I listen to a lot of 80s movie soundtracks but to walk out heavy dub step is the business.

Bec Hyatt (@RowdyBec)
Australia / Invicta FC

My ultimate walk out song is ‘Land Down Under’ (Men at Work) & I like all kinds not just one style. 🙂

Allan Johnston (@AJ_DNFT)
Scotland / Cage Warriors

(I like) hip hop and I used a song called ‘Drop the World’ for 14 fights in a row.

Andreas Kraniotakis (@BDkraniotakes)
Germany / last fought for GMC

I’m an old school gangster and love coming out to Tupac‘s – ‘Untouchable’. Even named my dog “Amaru”

Allan Love (@allannolove)
Scotland / last fought for HFC

I’m a huge heavy metal fan. Absolutely adore Iron Maiden but in terms of walkout music I’m not really fussed. I used to try and always use something with “Love” in the chorus but don’t bother anymore.

Jean N’Doye (@NdoyeJean)
France / Cage Warriors

My favourite walk out song of the moment is ‘Tomorrow’ a song from Salif Keita 🙂

Dean Reilly (@WolverDean_DNFT)
Scotland / last fought for On Top

I like most kinds of music. ultimate walk out would be being played in live by Jimi Hendrix playing ‘Voodoo Chile’

Graham Turner (@AfterburnerDNFT)
Scotland / Cage Warriors

On the lead up to fight I listen to rock music to get me pumped up, my fav walk out song at the mo is Chase & Status ‘Let You Go’

Michelle Waterson (@karatehottiemma)
USA / Invicta FC

I love all kinds of music! Just depends on the mood I’m in! Reggae is always fun to listen to!

So that’s twelve professional fighters from six nations, all levels of the game, from UFC headliner to staples of the regional scene. Not bad for a half baked convenience sample on the off chance anyone would get back…

Varying forms of hip hop, heavy metal and classic rock seem to be the most popular, but there is no consensus, just emphasising that MMA is not an exclusive sport, characterised by tattooed idiots who like third rate nu-metal and nothing else.

All are welcome.

We asked the same question to the Kumite team, and here’s what we came up with?

Iain Grant

Favourite music is Rock and Metal, probably use Limp Bizkit‘s “Break Stuff” as an entry theme, just for “break your fucking face tonight…”

Chris Napier

Got a very varied music taste, would either walk out to “Micah” by Russian Circles because it’s amazing or “Smasher/Devourer” by Fear Factory for sheer directness.

Ross Stevenson

I’m a fan of rock music, I’d probably use Wlad Klitschko’s walkout sing “Sonne” by Rammstein or something cheesy and epic like the Terminator theme.

Sitting looking up some of the songs I didn’t recognise on Spotify, I figured it might be cool to use this very scientifically gathered information to make up some sort of Ultimate MMA Mixtape… and here it is albeit somewhat curtailed by what’s actually available on Spotify (no Zeppelin, Beatles etc.) throwing in some tunes I’ve heard used as walkouts, especially Wanderlei’s epic Sandstorm.

Stick on random and enjoy…


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