Cage Warriors CEO vs. Internet Naysayers

Tomorrow night marks Cage Warriors debut on Premier Sports and there has been a great wailing and gnashing of teeth from some fans who are annoyed at having to pay for a subscription channel to watch Europe’ top promotion.

CWFC main man Graham Boylan took to Twitter over the week and in his usual direct manner took these fans to task, boldly stating that anyone who isn’t willing to pay the equivalent of three beers a month to watch a sport they supposedly love is a hypocrite who wants something for nothing and isn’t willing to put their hand in their pocket

While I winced a little at the comments, seeing as attacking folk for not being willing to spend extra money in such financially dire times could be seen as insensitive, I have to say that I agree with Boylan.

If you love a sport, you invest in it. If its football, you pay to attend matches, or pay to watch them, be it in the pub or the comfort of your own home. The same is true of rugby, motor racing, even golf and tennis (that’s your TV license at work, right there.)

The reason that the likes of David Beckham, Tiger Woods and Lewis Hamilton are multimillionaires is because their sport takes in a vast amount of money from television companies. That money comes from consumers, like you or me. If you enjoy a sport, the it’s worth paying for. Right?

Ill admit, I’m a bit strapped for cash at the moment, and I won’t be able to add Premier Sports to my viewing package until August at the earliest, so I shall miss the next two CWFC cards… for two whole days.

You see, Cage Warriors are still giving their cards away for free on their customary Monday online replay, which is pretty darned nice of them.

Does Cage Warriors moving from MMAJunkie to Premier Sports inconvenience me, just a little bit? Yes.

Do I hold it against them, begrudge them the fee I will eventually pay to Premier Sports to watch them?

No, because I love the promotion, and I think a company that gives me ten or more top class MMA events a year, featuring exciting talent like Jim Alers, Graham Turner, Tom Breese, Cathal Pendred and so many more is well worth a mere £9.99 a month.

It is a little amusing that folks who will probably embark on chat forums to complain about how little MMA fighters get paid will then attack one of the most progressive companies on the planet for asking themfor the price of a takeout curry…

…perhaps some trolls need to eat less crap, as they’re spewing it all over the Internet.


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