Tell us what you want to read

We’ve been doing this for about six months as Kumite, and we’ve been very lucky to have the support of some good friends, the indulgence of fighters (especially the Dinky Ninjas) and promoters and we’ve even made a few new friends along the way.

However, we’ve been flying by the seat of our pants a little bit, writing whatever pops into our minds, usually asking fighters for interviews much too close to fight time and generally without any sort of formal schedule.

So, we ask – what do you, the readers want from us?

We’ve got all sorts of ideas, but there’s no point in spending time and thought on them if they’re not going to please you.

Do we do a regular schedule of articles, so you know you’ll get event previews and reviews on a certain day, editorials and interviews in regular slots?

Do we add our own rankings to the page? Would you like those rankings to be interactive?

What do you want to see more of? Are interviews, features, editorials or event previews more likely to draw you to the page?

Would you be interested in pieces on MMA related stuff like fitness, diet or even philosophy?

What companies or fighters to you want to hear more about?

Would you be interested in a Podcast or some other such marvel of the digital age? (We may need to subtitle ourselves for non-Scots listeners…)

Basically, our aim is to play some small part in growing the sport of MMA, but we appreciate that our personal focus might not be the most popular content, and sometimes we might get a little involved in our favourite issues and lose touch with what people actually want to read about.

Yes, we admit that our opinion isn’t gospel and maybe what we feel inspired to rant about isn’t necessarily interesting to anyone else.

Give some MMA fans trying to do their bit a little help.

Tell us what you want to read.


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