The Case For Cruiserweight

This is an issue that has been bugging me and I’ve been deliberating this for a while………As a natural heavyweight (read fat), why do we have a range of 60lb in the heavyweight division? After Chris’ recent article “The fascination with Heavyweights” this seems like a relevant time for me to write this.

Heavyweights seem to be getting bigger and bigger these days, We’ve had Lesnar, Carwin, Struve Hunt, Bigfoot, Struve and Mir to name but a few all tipping the scale towards the upper limit of 265lb, but where does this leave smaller fighters, such as Pat Barry or Werdum who are smaller heavyweights. The curent champion, Cain, and the former champion, JDS, are both smaller fighters too, coming in at around 240lbs in their recent fights, and do seem to be the exception to the current rule. My feeling is that these some of these guys are too small in height, and weight, to compete effectively with the giants of the division. My idea is this, similar to boxing, create a cruiserweight class between light-heavyweight and heavyweight. By doing this, possibly from 205-230lbs, there could be a new division to market to the fans.

In fact, you could almost call for an extension to the upper limit, say to 300lbs, or a possible Super-Heavyweight division, however this is may come across as a freak-show division, but it may Struve a chance to gain some muscle as he is only a Heavyweight by default due to his 7ft frame. It would also make you wonder how much longer fighters like Big Country and Mark Hunt could stay at the all-you-can-eat buffets. I’m not casting proverbial stones, as I’m not exactly in the greatest shape (yes, round is a shape), but I couldn’t help notice the sigh of relief on Hunt’s face at his last weigh-in for his match against Struve as he just made the 265lb limit. Could these guys cut to a Cruiser-weight limit, given proper a proper nutritional regime?, or possibly even to Light-Heavyweight?

Could a change like this revitalise the upper weight divisions?

It’s just a thought….

Iain, 245lbs and shrinking


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