Fallon Fox invades Invicta, has confrontation with Bec Hyatt

There’s been a lot of stories circulating over the last few days, I believe originating with MiddleEasy.com regarding Transgender fighter Fallon Fox taking a trip to the recent Invicta FC 5 event, and making a nuisance of herself.

On the surface, this sounds like bad spin by Fox’s detractors, but corroborating stories have started to emerge from those present that back up some of the claims.

It seems that Fox managed to gain entry to the fighter’s area and was loitering about in the hope of creating some buzz for a future bout on Invicta. Once this was discovered, she was asked to leave but did not do so immediately or with good grace. It’s also been revealed that she had a bit of a staredown and jawing match with Bec ‘Rowdy’ Hyatt in the lobby of the fighter’s hotel on the morning of the event.

Here’s the event in Bec’s words from her Facebook page.

“Re: Myself & Fallon Fox 🙂 This story is starting to pick up through MMA media & forums so I figure I should address it to make sure nobody makes up baloney & paints either of us wrongly!!

It’s true that Fallon & I had a “run in” on fight morning in the hotel lobby. Nothing physical, just an unwelcome distraction from my fight later that night. Long story short… I was on my phone Facebook training, as I do, when my husband told me to look up to the second floor balcony. Sure enough I was greeted by Fallon (along with another female fighter??) staring meanie daggers at me & if looks could kill… boy would I be dead LOL!! A Fallon Fox mean mug makes Jasminka Cive’s look child’s play 😉

As you’d all know though, I have a chip on my shoulder myself & am very stubborn, so I gladly partook in the silent staring contest for a minute or so until I inquired as to why she was actually staring at me. Fallon replied with “I’ll do what I want”, to which I laughed, said she is a joke & went back to my Facebook training in preparation of the nights contest. I can’t remember exactly what Fallon then said, but it was along the lines of “I’m coming down there” in an angrier tone & as she went to put on her jacket, Invicta Fighting Championships matchmaker Janet Martin came out of an elevator & started talking to me. When I looked back up, Fallon & her friend were gone. The second half of our exchange was caught on camera but I won’t be releasing it 🙂

To Fallon’s credit, she did apologize to me at the after party but it was an unwelcome distraction to my fight as when it all sunk in, I was actually more pissed off about what happened in the lobby then all the stuff my opponent had said to me LOL!! I couldn’t even enjoy my popcorn at the movies 😦 I’m only a 115lbs fighter but if I won’t back down to my much bigger & more skilled fighter husband, I certainly am not backing down to Fallon Fox!!

In any event, the reason I never made this public before or addressed it was because I have no doubt Fallon wanted it to be public & talked about.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with fighters attending shows – hell, I’d have been at Invicta FC 5 if I could have been, and when you get a bunch of fighters in a relatively combined space, there’s a likelihood of some friction. These aren’t ‘back down for a quiet life’ kind of people.

However, this is all a little too… cynically staged for my liking.

First of all, the jury is not out on whether Fox should be allowed to compete as a woman. I feel at this point it’s only proper to clarify Kumite’s take on Fox, and transgender mixed atrial artists in general.

Firstly, we respect the life choices of any and all transgender individuals and feel they should be afforded the same rights as everyone else, free from discrimination and as far as is possible treated as if they were the sex they have chosen to present themselves as.

This includes the right to compete in sports.

However, the issues of competitive fairness and fighter safety must be considered, especially in a combat sports environment. Divisions between the sexes and people of different weight exist in MMA as a safety feature.

For all that martial arts is intended to remove size from the equation, when you have two comparably trained individuals, factors like mass, bone density and muscle formation are going to make a big difference.

My initial thought re: Fox was that if she weighed in the same as her female opponents, there was no harm in it. However, on reading a whole lot by some much cleverer people than me…

… it’s generally accepted that boys are have more muscles, denser bones, more solid jaw lines, a higher centre of gravity, lower body fat etc. than girls do, so there is a genuine case that even gender reassignment surgery isn’t going to completely change the fact that someone born a man is genetically predisposed to be better at dishing out and taking violence than a born female.

As such there is a real case to answer as to whether Fallon should be allowed to compete as a woman. In all social strictures, she is a girl but in combat sports the concerns of competitive advantage and fighter safety come first.

In light of this ongoing controversy (which hasn’t really abated, despite Fallon being awarded a license by the Florida commission) to turn up at a show you have no connection with and try to enter the backstage area, to create an altercation with a fighter is pure pro wrestling.

I can see what Fallon wants to do, she wants to get a marketable beef with an Invicta athlete so she can get herself on the biggest show for female mixed martial artists. It’s an age old tactic, but not one that wins you many friends, fans or credibility.

Especially when you end up having a jawing match with a very popular and considerably lighter female fighter. Even if Fallon was a common or garden female 145lber, it would be deeply suspect for her to start a feud with a fighter she weighs in 30lbs heavier than.

It’s like Gray Maynard calling out John Dodson. Laughable.

When you are already enduring controversy based on the idea that you are a man who has had gender reassignment surgery so you can beat up on women (not an angle we’re endorsing, by the way) it’s downright stupid to place yourself in a situation where you seem like an invasive aggressor towards smaller, female fighters.

It looks a lot like bullying, throwing your weight around, looking to intimidate.

That’s not a smart move Fallon.


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