SHOCK! BBC cover MMA! Radio 5 Live, Tonight!

Despite being stoic in their complete refusal to cover any form of mixed martial arts in terms of televisual, radio or even Internet coverage for some years, not to mention being downright condescending when responding to email enquiries as to why they make no provision to cover one of the fastest growing sports in the UK but they do cover things like dressage, darts, canoeing and diving, it seems the BBC have chosen to admit that Mixed Martial Arts exists.

The corporation which we all (well, those of us who are adults resident in the UK) pay a monthly license fee to support, if we wish to have the temerity to own a television are set to provide a MMA discussion feature on Radio 5 Live tonight at 9.30 pm.

Thus far it seems like a good range of British MMA personalities including Marc Goddard, Michael Bisping and the ubiquitous Gareth A Davies will feature so I actually have some hopes that the broadcast will portray MMA in a positive light, rather than display the corporation’s thus far evidently negative (or at best apathetic) bias.

Then again, this is the BBC who’s supposedly charter bound journalistic impartiality is questionable at best and downright laughable more often than I’d like to admit.

Nonetheless, mainstream coverage of MMA on the BBC. Radio 5 Live, tonight at 9.30 pm GMT.

Check it out.


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