First Fighting Championship 2 – Results


First Fighting Championship 2 took place last night (Saturday 16th March 2013) at the Alona Hotel in Motherwell. By all accounts it was a fantastic night of Amateur MMA and really cements FFC as an up and coming organisation here in Scotland.

The night’s proceedings saw 2 champions crowned with William McCurdy picking up the FFC Lightweight Title with a 1st round TKO victory over David McDonald and Paul Craig taking home the FFC Light Heavyweight Title following a 1st round submission of Carlos Dunbar via triangle.

Here are the full results from the night:

68kg – Jason McKnight def. Dylan Cameron – R2 – 3:50 – RNC

75kg – Oscar JP Smykiel def. Stephen Gillespie – R1 – 3:37 – TKO (strikes)

61kg – Kev Lobban def. Chris O’Keefe – R2 – 2:00 – Verbal Submission (injury)

61kg – Gary Grant def. Jasim Beg – Unanimous Decision

72kg – Gary Western def. Valentine Duke – R1 – 0:46 – Guillotine

77kg – Sean Weir def. Scott Coates – Unanimous Decision

71kg – Jason Woods def. Lee Kinnell – Unanimous Decision

57kg – Craig Derbyshire def. Gary Priestly – R1 – 1:41 – RNC

82kg – Scott Mulgrew def. Dan Morgan – R1 – 3:52 – TKO (strikes)

70kg Title – William McCurdy def. David McDonald – R1 – 3:28 – TKO (strikes)

93kg Title – Paul Craig def. Carlos Dunbar – R1 – 1:04 – Triangle

Fight Of The Night = Sean Weir v Scott Coates

Submission Of The Night = Craig Derbyshire

*Stop Press*
I have just heard that submission of the night winner, Craig Derbyshire, was involved in a bad car accident while travelling home this morning to the extent that his girlfriend had to be cut out of the car. Thankfully the news is good and it appears that no body was seriously injured. We hope everyone is safe and well, and that the rest of their journey is less eventful.


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