Andy ‘The Little Axe’ Ogle Interview


It has been a busy 12 months for Andy Ogle. This time last year he was just about to embark on his The Ultimate Fighter Live journey which saw him reach the Semi-Finals and be offered the chance to fight in the UFC. Under medical suspension when the TUF: Live finale came around he had to wait for his chance which eventually came against Akira Corassani at UFC on Fuel TV 5 in Nottingham last September.

We were in the crowd that night and felt that Andy had done enough to secure victory but unfortunately the judges on the night disagreed. It would appear that the UFC felt the same as he has been given another fight, this time against Josh Grispi at next weeks UFC on Fuel TV 7 in London.

Even though he is a little under a week away from his fight, Andy was good enough to spare us some time. Here is what he had to say:

1 – How long have you been involved in MMA, where did you start, what was your first discipline?

Started with learning how to defend myself in kickboxing, then got into judo and then my friend took me to an MMA event and I was hooked. By this time TUF was coming out so I thought I would give it a go.

2 – What first got you into martial arts?

learning how to defend myself. I didn’t want to be scared whilst out with my mates.

3 – Being a part of The Ultimate Fighter Live provided you with more exposure and the chance to fight in the UFC. Looking back now what are your thoughts and feelings regarding that experience?

I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I met great people and got to take part in something which a lot of people would give their right leg for.

4 – You got the chance to make your UFC debut on UK soil in Nottingham last year, losing a close decision to Akira Corassani. Many felt that you had done enough to take the win that night. Was it hard picking yourself up from that loss and how do you feel about the standard of judging in MMA today?

It is what it is. I may read a book and enjoy a different character from yourself just like in judging. I think I’ll just have to knock Josh out or sub him. There will be no denying me then.

5 – You are due to face Josh Grispi next weekend at UFC on Fuel TV 7 in London. On the surface it would appear there is a lot on the line for both yourself and Josh, how are you feeling heading into the fight?

I don’t have anything to lose because I wasn’t even supposed to have another fight. My first fight was for a contract and I didn’t win even though I thought I did.

6 – You are currently training out of Kaobon, one of the UK’s top MMA teams. How are things going and are there any up and comers we should be keeping our eyes out for?

Everybody in that gym is a beast. There are a lot of beasts around the UK which don’t get a look in and it wouldn’t be fair to say anyone from my gym because there are so many hungry and talented guys around the UK trying to make a living in this sport and getting hardly no pay to live their dreams.

7 – We saw you at Vision FC 4 here in Glasgow last September. What do you think of the local MMA scene in Scotland and how does it compare to down south?

Fighting is fighting man. Whether its north, south, east or west. Its the fans that make the difference and Scottish fans are great. They love MMA and really get into it. If anything they get louder when the night goes on whereas other crowds sometimes get quieter on the local scene because the fans leave after their loved ones fight.

8 – Robert Whiteford fought at that event and we had heard there was some friction between you two. Is there anything to that rumour and should Robert reach the UFC is that a fight you would be interested in?

Ha Ha I knew a Scottish guy would bring this up. I don’t turn down no fighters so yeah I would fight him. It isn’t up to me though it’s up to Mr Dana White, Joe Silva and Sean Shelby.

9 – Lots of martial artists end up acting in movies, for example Cung Le and Michael Bisping has recently wrapped filming on Plastic. Would you be interested in going down that road at some point? If so, what kind of film would you like to be in?

I have never thought of it, but if I was to be in a film I would like to be the guy that takes out Danny Dyer, Vinny Jones or Ray Winston alongside one of the great actors such as Gary Oldman or Liam Neeson.

10 – What would you say to any kids considering taking up MMA?

Just practice and have fun. If it isn’t fun then there is no point in doing it.

Last of all, a shout out to your sponsors, gym etc.


We would like to thank Andy for his time and wish him the best of luck in his fight next weekend. If you want to keep up to date with Andy you can find him on Twitter @thelittleaxe

You can see Andy’s fight against Josh Grispi at UFC on Fuel TV 7: Barao vs. McDonald which takes place at Wembley Arena, London this Saturday 16th February. UK viewers can see the prelims online on Facebook & and then the Main Card on ESPN starting at 8pm.


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