Meet the Team – Ross Stevenson

My love of the martial arts began at 8 years old when I first took up Karate, carrying that on for a number of years and reaching Junior purple belt before having to give it up due to increasing academic commitments.  I maintained my love of martial arts however which eventually led me to being exposed to the UFC and once I had been bitten by that bug there really was no looking back.

Although beginning with the UFC my passion quickly expanded to MMA as a whole and now it or extensions of it take up the bulk of my spare time.  Being unable to train for quite sometime due to health issues and finding it frustrating not being able to take part in the sport I loved I turned my attention to generally promoting the sport and started up Head Down Hands Up with Chris.

This, like Chris, lead me on to work with Full Mount MMA which afforded me great opportunitys to get involved in the MMA community. I also train BJJ at the Scottish Hit Squad in Coatbridge.

My mantra is a fairly basic one, I want to do my part, however big or small, to help promote the sport of Mixed Martial Arts primarily here in Scotland but ultimately wherever I can.

That is what I want Kumite to stand for and I look forward to the journey ahead.


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